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About Our School

The Community Primary School is situated in the large semi-rural village of Trimley St Mary on the outskirts of Felixstowe, which is in the South East of England. Felixstowe is a popular seaside resort about ten miles south of the county town of Ipswich in Suffolk and hosts the largest container port in the UK.

The school dates from 1904, but has been generally extended during the 1980s to cater for children from new housing in the area.

At the present time 370 pupils, aged from 4 to 11 years, are catered for at the school. From Reception to Year 2, the children are organised into single age-group classes, with two parallel classes in each year.

In KS2, a new structure has been introduced with children organised into three classes of mixed Y3/Y4 and three classes of mixed Y5/Y6.  The new structure has been introduced to address budgetry issues caused by the current economic situation and the gradual reduction in role experienced over recent years.


Please go to the NEWS section to read more about the new arrangements and the safeguards to protect the childrens learning and wellbeing. 


We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive school and we wish all visitors to feel welcome.  If, as a prospective visitor, you have any particular requirements relating to access we would ask you to contact the school in advance of your visit.




Our computer suite, containing 16 multimedia PCs, enables whole class teaching of the whole range of I.T. topics. All children in years 2 to 6 have a weekly I.T. lesson in the suite. Computers in other areas of the school are also available to classes.
A Year 3 class is pictured here.

Children always make a dash for this new equipment which has recently been added to the outside play area.
The outside heated swimming pool is used regularly during the Summer term for swimming lessons and by families in the evenings and at weekends.
Children from the two Foundation stage classes enjoy an autumnal sunny morning in the outside play area.


We believe that equality at our school should permeate all aspects of school life and is the responsibility of every member of the school and wider community. Every member of the school community should feel safe, secure, valued and of equal worth.



At Trimley St. Mary Primary school, equality is a key principle for treating all people the same irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, age or any other recognised area of discrimination.



We value and promote the individuality of all our pupils and are committed to giving all our pupils every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. Within this ethos of achievement, we do not tolerate bullying and harassment of any kind. We actively tackle discrimination against those with a disability (disabilism), racial discrimination, sexual harassment and discrimination and promote equal opportunities and good relations between and amongst all. We are committed to ensuring that positive action is taken where necessary to redress the balance of inequality that may exist. We aim to reflect the diversity of our local community and society and ensure that the education we offer fosters positive attitudes to all people.


Our school admissions policy is equally open to pupils of all groups.


We believe that these commitments are as important in the context of a school with limited ethnic diversity as well as in a school with a more ethnically diverse population.
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